There is any game similar to GTA 5, which we can download free and play in Android ? If you have this question, So the answer is yes. There are many games on playstore, In this article we listed Top Games like gta 5 for Android Free that’s game play and graphics are similar to Gta 5 and all these games are free to download. You must also try these games once.

Games Like GTA 5 for Android Free Download

There is hardly any child who would not know about GTA Game and its series. We all spent our childhood in these streets. These game is full of crime, car riding and with legendary weapons tanks, guns, jets. GTA 5 was released in September 2013 but more series before that. This game is one of the most popular and famous game franchises that exits in the whole world. Due to the large size of this game you cannot play it in mobile, due to which many developer inspired from GTA And they have develops Games with great storyline and high quality graphics like GTA5 And there game play is almost similar to GTA 5. Their size is much less than GTA 5, you can easily download them from Playstore and Applestore and play them on your mobile. Here, in this article we will mention about the Games Like Gta 5 for Android Free Download, if you are a lover of GTA 5, but you cannot play that game then you must try this Best Games like GTA 5 For Android once. All the games below, are free to Download. You can play it in both online and offline mode.

Gangstar Vegas : World Of Crime 

In the List Of Games Like GTA 5 For Android Free Download, Gangstar Vegas World Of crime Is on Top Position, Because of its Amazing High Quality 3D Graphics and Soundtrack Almost Similar to GTA 5. It is an action packed free open world game full of guns, crime, cars racing, city driving and in this you will get to see similar game play like GTA 5. Because it is mafia Gangster crime game, so in this you have to fight with army, police and your enemies, for this you get huge amount of legendary weapons like sniper rifles, grenade launchers, lasers.


As your level Up, you can upgrade or buy more  weapons, tanks, fighter jets, more racing cars. In this game you will get to see amazing or unique vehicles for travelling which makes this game completely different from the another games. The best part about this game, is that you can play the entire game offline, once you have to download it from resources and updates when available. 

Downloads 50M+ Downloads in Playstore.
Availability  Gangstar Vegas is available for Both Android And iOS
Rating Gangstar Vegas has a rating of 4.3 with 6M Reviews 
Size 1.8 GB
Download Gangstar Vegas (World Of Crime)

Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox 

Payback 2 (The Battle Sandbox) is another Best Free Open World Game For Android Fullfill of fighting, tank battles, crime as game play similar to GTA 5. In this game you get different types of weapons & vehicles like guns, snippers, tanks and jets with the help of them you can easily fight with the police and enemies. Payback 2 includes everything from tank battles to high speed helicopter races to huge gang battles – but you really have to try it get a feel for how much variety there is, and we’re adding more all the time.


One best thing in this game there are missions that need to be completed which help you to unlock more weapons and vehicles. As you complete missions, then you can upgrade the level and unlock the weapons. Payback 2 also has high quality 3D graphics, When you play it you will feel like you are really there. 

Downloads 100M+ Downloads in Playstore.
Availability  Payback 2 is available for Both Android And iOS
Rating Payback 2 has a rating of 4.4 with 1M Reviews 
Size 102 MB
Download Payback 2 

MadOut2 BigCityOnline 

If you are searching for an Online Open World Game for Android Free that is like GTA 5. So, Madout2 is for you, It is an open world game fulfill of shooting, car racing and quite similar to GTA, Different levels and missions you have to complete in it to continue story line. You can Download it free and play on your android device. Like GTA 5 This game is also available in both modes online and offline, sound quality and graphics are amazing, the graphics present in this are High Quality 3D graphics. Like GTA and other game, you have a character of Gangster.

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In online mode you can play it with your friend in real time and completes different missions. For fight with army, police and your enemies, you get huge amount of legendary weapons like sniper rifles, grenade launchers, lasers. You can play other missions in it, for unlock other amazing vehicles and weapons, jets, tanks. 

Downloads 10M+ Downloads in Playstore.
Availability  Madout2 is available for Android Only.
Rating Madout2 has a rating of 4.4 in Google Playstore.
Size 414 MB
Download MadOut2 (BigCityOnline)

Gangstar New Orleans 

Developed by Gameloft SE, Gangstar New Orleans is another Open World Game free to  Download and comes on the fourth position in Games Like GTA5 For Android Free Download. This Game is filĺed with action and hundreds of vehicles and legendary Weapons which become you a real Gangster.


You get some usual vehicles and weapons to explore this vast city. You can upgrade weapons or buy it as your level up and you Complete your missions. High Quality 3D Graphics and amazing soundtrack experience you the city’s action-packed criminal open world. In this game you can see amazing fighting jets and tanks. 

Downloads 10M+ Downloads in Playstore. You Can try it.
Availability  Gangstar New Orleans is available for Both Android And iOS
Rating Gangstar New Orleans has a rating of 4.4 In Google Play Store.
Size 0.96 GB
Download Gangstar New Orleans 

Gangs Town Story – Action Open- World shooter.

Developed by Avega Games, Gangs Town Story is the Another Best Android Game Similar to GTA 5. Gangs Town is an action open world shooting game, In this you can play different game play modes. Game is based on a story of Gangster and in which your character is of a gangster, in which you have to complete different missions to continue story line. Because it is a shooting game, you are Gangster so you have to fight with police and enemies, for this you can use weapons AK-47 Rifles, grenade launchers, snipers. As you continue and your level gets up.

You can upgrade and unlock weapons, jets, tanks. One of the main features of this game that makes this game feel like GTA 5 is that you can customize your character with different getups. Final thing about this game its graphics, you can see fabulous colourful 3D graphics in it.

Downloads 1M+ Downloads in Playstore.
Availability  Gangs Town Story is available for Android Only.
Rating Gangs Town Story has a rating of 4 in Google Play Store.
Size 826 MB
Download Gangs Town Story 

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