Manali is a small town in the district Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is about 6400 feet above sea level. It is famous for promoting tourism and also the beauty of mountains and glaciers and more. There are so many places in Manali to visit here. This hill station has many waterfalls and also hot water rivers where visitors enjoy bathing in hot water as Manali is also a destination wedding place for much of its beauty.




Best Places to Visit in Manali

Manu temple is located near the Beas river. This is a very beautiful temple to visit here which is dedicated to a sage Manu. As per mythological stories Manu was the very first person born on earth, who was made by Hindu God Brahma. 

This is also a hilly area which gives the opportunity to click more and more beautiful pictures here. The beauty of this hill station makes it more attractive for tourists. It is near the Beas river which has crystallized water. From where you can see rocks and fish.





Best Places to Visit in Manali

  Jogini waterfall is a natural waterfall and it is located at a distance of four kilometers [4km] from Vashisht temple and 7.5kilometer from the Manali bus stand. This waterfall is formed when a stream of the Beas river merges downstream. We did not go to the top of Jogini falls but we can enjoy the beautiful views of the waterfall with mountains and rocks together. It is also called Shakti Peeth because it was known as empowerment. And there is also the main temple with its sub-temple. It is for the occasion of the feast at any festive occasion or on any other occasion. Anyone goes here to spend their time and holidays.




Best Places to Visit in Manali

Vashisht temple is located in Vashist Gaon in Himachal Pradesh. It was named for the guru and teacher of lord RAM and LAXMAN. It is a famous tourist place. It is a four thousand [4000] years old temple. It was founded by guru Vashist. 

Tourists visit here to enjoy the hot water pond. It is a stream of Sulfur Water and local people say that this sulfur water bath reduces skin problems. Here is a separate system for men and women for bathing. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ram’s teacher (mentor).  These places have a great attraction for tourists due to the environment of mountains. 





Best Places to Visit in Manali

Nagar Castle is a medieval castle located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It was once the capital of the Kullu kingdom. It was built by Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu in around 1464. In 1978 the castle was converted into a rest house and subsequently a heritage hotel run by haptic. This castle is the shooting spot of many movies like tube light, Jab We met, The hero; the life story of a spy, and many more. In the movie Tubelight you can see clearly they have converted this castle into a school. 

It was completely made of wooden and stone materials, this is the specialty of here. If you want to spend a full day, you can think of staying here. This place is rich in the view of mountains covered with snow in winter which remains of the beauty of the heavens. It is under the supervision of the Government of Himachal Pradesh. They convert the whole castle Nagar into hotel rooms. If you want to stay here you can book these online from There are also restaurants where you can enjoy your meal with a beautiful balcony view. 





Best Places to Visit in Manali  

Pin valley national park is a national park of India located in Spiti valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 675sq.kilometer and has coverage in the cold desert. There are more than four hundred species of flower and many species of animals and a huge number of migratory birds come over here. It was established in 1958. It is in the Himalayan ranges. In summer birds such as yellow-billed chough Himalayan snow cock, snow partridge flourish in the park.

 This valley is enriched in biodiversity, plants like alpine, and other medicinal herbs and shrubs. This is the habitat of many endangered species like snow leopards etc.  Anyone cannot enter this valley without permission. Permission is compulsory to enter this beautiful flower valley.  





Best Places to Visit in Manali

It was formerly known as Jawaharlal Nehru Himalayan National Park. It is about 5059 sq. km. It lies in the area of the Great Himalayan Ranges. This is a shelter to many endangered species like snow leopard, fox, Himalayan tahr, western tragopan, white-bellied musk deer, Koklass pheasant, Himalayan Goral, Monal, Alpine musk deer. 

The park was established in 1984. 

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