Windows 8 Password Screen


How to bypass Microsoft Windows 8 password screen

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 may not be as flexible as its previous versions but it certainly holds the potential to outperform its predecessors. While using the all-new Windows 8, a lot of users are facing the problem of signing in with their passwords every time they reboot their PCs.

If you are also stuck with this problem then here’s how you can change the settings to bypass the Microsoft Windows 8 password screen.

1) Turn ON your PC

2) Enter your login password

3) Press the Windows button and then along with it press X key.

4) You will notice that a pop up menu appears now click on Command Prompt as the Administrator.

5) When you’re in the Command Prompt, type control userpasswords2 and then press Enter key.

6) The User Account dialog box will appear, now untick the option where it says – Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer

7) Next, click Ok.

8) Now you will be asked to confirm your final settings by entering your password twice.

9) Simply Reboot

And, that’s done!! Congrats now you will never have to enter your password while logging into your Windows 8 PC.

In case, you need to revert back to the same old settings of entering the password each time you log in then just follow the above steps [Yes! they are the same] upto point 5.

Here you will have to tick/check the option where it says – Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.

You will again be prompted to enter your password and then you’re back to the old self again!

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