Become an International Makeup Artist (MUA)

Indulging in the fantasy of becoming an international makeup artist? There’s nothing better than getting paid to spend all day thinking about beauty trends, working in a creative environment, practicing creative looks, and working with artists and clients all over the world. Being a makeup artist is an actual dream job, but like any other work, it also needs a lot of hard work. It is something how you go from applying lip balms and eyeliner to becoming a pro artist.
If you love to play with colors and have a creative mind and you’re someone who can make you brush a magical sword, then you’re at the right place
We’re gonna tell you how to raise yourself from an ordinary small-town girl to becoming an international makeup artist.

1. Practice makes a man perfect but it makes women a perfectionist,

If you have heard this phrase, then you should know makeup artistry is all about practice, practice, and more practice. The only way to excel in this field is by practicing and learning different types of makeup skills and techniques
Your mind should be active and creative every time. You can practice on different face shapes, skin types of different ages and play with products as much as you can.

2. Get yourself enrolled in a professional makeup course

There are thousands of makeup artists who are learning through youtube, Instagram, or other social media platforms and taking online masterclasses
But if you need to pursue your career as a makeup artist you need a proper educational academy that helps you to learn about the depths of makeup and various techniques. Learning makeup professionally opens many doors for you in the beauty industry. You get exposure in your field and even work in the cinematic world as an artist too.

3. Start making online content

Social media is a crucial part of our day-to-day life. Start getting active on your social media accounts. Instagram can be your power to gain fame and attract international brands. You can engage with your audience as it has no barriers it can be either India or international. You can create unique content for your social media related to international makeup.
Firstly, explore trending makeups and start makeup content. Use different makeup products of various types of brands and tag them on your page.

Make tutorial videos – 

start being active on social media because that will increase your reach and people will start connecting with you and your content you can attract an international audience and clients by sharing unique tips and creative makeup styles.

Creative unique identity on social media –

There are thousands of makeup artists on social media making the same kind of videos every day. If you want to attract a huge audience start making creative transition videos and show your skills by creating new and different makeup looks. Your unique identity on social media will attract people towards you. Not only nationally but it will give you international growth also
You can create dramatic makeup looks, fantasy eyes, you can create looks from the festivals which are celebrated internationally i.e, Halloween, Christmas, and much more people will start liking your unique makeup style and you might get famous globally.

Use international makeup-

Start exploring international makeup brands. Make a list of international high-end (bobby brown, morphe, Fenty beauty) and drugstore brands(NYX, E.L.F, Colorpop etc) then explore the pages and apps which have brands but make sure all those pages and brands have authentic products and they’re not fake. Once you receive those products start using them and share your reviews by tagging all the brands and using accurate hashtags that will attract the brands towards you and they might offer you batter or paid collaborations once they add your profile to their collaboration list.

Make inspiring videos of famous international MUA’s

start searching about famous international makeup artists and choose a look from their page and re-create it. You should be soo creative at your work that it hits the audience instantly and people start getting engaged on your posts and keep sharing.
Don’t forget to tag the artist whose look you have re-created, they might like your work and contact you personally. It will give you huge exposure and you can make your game strong internationally

Use branded hashtags –
hashtags are soo important to make people see your content who is not even following you. Using appropriate hashtags helps you gain organic followers and raises your account reach. Try to tag as much as international brands and artists as you can to make them attracted to your page and they start engaging with you.

Explore international makeups trends and ideas-

As we compare Indian and international makeup, there is a huge difference
Indian makeup artist mostly focuses on wedding and occasional makeups whereas the international beauty industry focuses on unique and creative makeup styles, if you want to work with international brands, start getting out of your comfort level and create new and attractive looks, it gonna help you a lot to gain international audiences and brands

4. Love your job –

You should start loving your profession because it helps you become successful very soon. You should be perfect at your work because there’s soo much competition in the field that if you’ll not be good at your skills your clients might shift to new artists.
Follow your passion as a profession and nobody can stop you to become successful in your field

If you aspire to become international, make strategies that will help you to grow professionally in India as well as out of India. Social media is a very strong tool to grow your career as a makeup artist and it gives you national as well as international exposure.
You just need to focus on the above points and make your game soo strong that nobody would bring you down in any way.
Just be as creative as you can at your skills and showcase your talent on social media to attract the audience.

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